Digital Gallery

Photograph of two unidentified men shaking hands at a reception for President Eisenhower
Photograph of two unidentified scientists conducting an experiment
Photograph of two unidentified women posed near a Christmas tree with dog
Two photographs of Career Conference at Arkansas State University
Group photograph of church members with their families
Photograph of an unidentified couple in rainwear
Photograph of an unidentified man in auditorium wearing a fraternal hat
Photograph of an unidentified soldier
Photograph of four unidentified women in robes with corsages
Photograph of three unidentified children and their project on petroleum products at the 6th Greater Kansas City Science Fair
Photograph of two unidentified men and three women at informal holiday party
Group photograph at member's home
Photograph of a school presentation
Photograph of an unidentified military recruiter and recent applicant
Photograph of three unidentified men during a conference session
Unidentified group photograph taken in front of Kansas National Guard Building