Subject List of Special Collections

Arts and Culture

Allan Gray Family Personal Papers of Alvin Ailey (AC10)
Allen Carnell Lyons Collection (AC35)
Geneva Price Collection (AC14)
Wallace Ragtime Collection (AC31)

Business and Labor

Jazz District Redevelopment Corporation Building Surveys Collection (AC21)
Mason and Plaster Tenders Local 555 Collection (AC11)
Matchbooks Collection (AC46)
National Alliance of Postal Employees Collection (AC44)
Felix H. Payne Collection (AC47)
Taylor Family Collection (AC23)

Churches and Other Religious Institutions

First Baptist Church [Kansas City, Kansas] (AC2)
Merrill Street Baptist Church Collection (AC4)
Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church Collection (AC5)

Civil Rights

Dr. Julia H. Hill Collection (AC13)

Civil Service

Carl V. Mason Collection (AC17)

Health and Welfare Institutions

Forty Cords of Wood Manuscript Collection (AC30)
General Hospital No. 2 (AC50)
Health and Social Welfare Archival Vertical Files (AC49)
Niles Home for Children Collection (AC1)
Dr. Carl M. Peterson Collection (AC29)
Queen of the World Hospital Collection (AC8)
Dr. Samuel U. Rodgers Collection (AC52)
Wheatley-Provident Hospital Collection (AC39)

Military Service and Organizations

Lawrence R. Bearnes Collection (AC38)
Henry Bell Collection (AC26)
Green Family Collection (AC18)
Wayne Miner Post No. 149 Collection (AC25)


Orchid I. Jordan Scrapbook (AC36)
Watkins Family Collection (AC53)

Schools and Other Educational Institutions

Dr. Girard T. Bryant Collection (AC48)
Cox Family Collection (AC32)
Education and Schools Archival Vertical Files (AC54)
Lincoln High School Collection (AC9)
Lincoln Junior High School Collection (AC6)
R. T. Coles Vocational and Junior High School Collection (AC3)
Sumner High School Collection (AC7)
Sumner High School Photograph (AC28)


Ellington Family Collection (AC43)
Slave Bills of Sale (AC42)

Social Organizations

Beta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Collection (AC37)
Club Chazzalite Collection (AC24)
Jackson County Chapter of The Links, Inc., Collection (AC41)


Warren (Armstrong) Jabali Collection (AC33)